Desi Sapna

Desi Sapna

Desi Sapna

Dreams of an Indian fucking

Tasneem and Hasina are back. These two Indian Hotties are sizzling it up in America. Remember the last time where Tasneem enjoyed herself so much with Zubin. Well these time its Hasina's turn!! Over coffee one day, they start talking dirty, which makes Hasina very horny who rushes home immediately. From there onwards, its just pussy and fingers and cock!

Hasina begins masturbating her wet pussy from within her Salwaar itself. Removing her Kameez, she inserts her favorite dildo deep into her pussy. Fantasizing about getting fucked by a real cock. Don't miss her sensuous moans as she drills that huge orange dildo deep into her pussy.

Soon to her surprise, her dildos are replaced by that of her boyfriend's hands that is soon by her side, fucking her pussy with the same dildo. He also has his fingers deep inside her pussy before replacing them both with his cock. She loves to suck on that hard cock, before getting humped from behind. Desi Sapna is all about Hasina and her dreams of an Indian fucking!


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