Kashmiri Couple Private Homemade Sex Tape

Kashmiri Couple Private Homemade Sex Tape

Kashmiri Couple Private Homemade Sex Tape

Kashmiri couple share their intimate moments with us

Feroz and Sheela are a couple living in a village in Kashmir. Sheela is a hot Kashmiri babe with some amazing tits and a perfect ass. She's a really horny babe who just loves having sex all the time. Recently Sheela told Feroz that she wanted him to tape their intimate moments so they could always see it and have fun. Feroz agreed and went to his friends place to borrow the video camera. The camera was a very old one and what of VHS quality since they didn't have anything better they decided to do with what they had.

Action started off with Feroz shooting Sheela while she was talking dirty in Arabic. Feroz was trying his best not to move while he was shooting but since he's never done this before his hands were shaky. Sheela started undressing her gown and exposed her sexy body on camera and started giving Feroz a hot blowjob .Feroz got really horny and fucked Sheela in doggie style and made her scream in pleasure. After some massive fucking they both went to the shower. If you love Hot Kashmiri babes then this movie is for you. It’s really a very amateur movie.


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